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Our résumés and our stories, professional and personal, Rob Stansfield (philomorph), Penny Bussell (doula), and a little of our kids Johanna, Alastair and Kate (the Great) Stansfield.
Link to Rob's whirling dervishes at philomorph courtesy of Jmol.
Read of thrilling moments at family>adventures, and link to yet more from philomorph, doula, and family>links pages.

What's in a name?


Nah, not some identity-hacking, MUD-addicted Internet gamester with daily personality morphs. Think classical. A lover of form ("the triumph of form over content"!), structure, pattern, rhythm. In space (crystals), in time (percussion) and in Nature.
animated bongos
It really behooves all drummers to dance all the time", Bob Moses - Drum Wisdom, Modern Drummer Publications, 1984.


Doula is a Greek word which has come to mean a woman who helps other women, offering continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and after childbirth. Doulas develop their empathic listening skills with a non-judgmental and open heart. See Doulas of North America (now DONA International) for more about doulas.

Through my work as a doula, a massage therapist, a teacher and a trainer, I provide clients with a greater sense of personal awareness and well-being through professional services and education.

What's new?

This website restored, rebuilt, retooled, and reinvented in late 2008 thanks to the chance discovery of the magnificent RapidWeaver for the equally magnificent Apple Mac. There was a short, er… multi-year, hiatus before rebirth and return of this site in late 2011.
  • The "San Juan Hut System" mountain biking trip is back at family>San Juan Huts
  • And "Travels with a donkey ...and four children" is also back in family>adventures
  • Penny's curriculum vitae is now posted at doula>resume